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TIG Welding

TIG welding-Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Michigan

Tungsten inert gas or TIG welding is a technique that is widely used in Michigan and the entire region of the United States. The other name for this method is tungsten art welding or (GTAW). You can use these two terms interchangeably. The welding technique is widely used in bonding copper alloys, magnesium, aluminum, and stainless steel. The welding technique allows for higher quality and high purity welding than most of the other forms of welding. One of the companies that will help you to get the best results for TIG welding is Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Michigan. It has a combination of experts and machines to help you work on any size of TIG projects. You have to make sure that you are getting the best results by hiring the right welders.

In TIG welding, you form an arc between the work or base metal and a non-consumable tungsten electrode so as to create a coalescence between two or even more metals.  Non-consumable electrodes come in different lengths and sizes. It is typically made of an alloy of tungsten or pure tungsten and other oxides and elements because tungsten holds the highest melting points for all metals at 3410 which comes at 3410 degrees Celsius.

With the appropriate equipment and necessary expertise, you can perform TIG welding automatically, manually, or by utilizing a hybrid approach. TIG welding is a solution to so many challenges in manufacturing. However, tube brazing and not TIG welding are preferred in the case where your base metals have varied welding temperatures such as copper and steel among others.

However, we cannot assume that everyone knows the meaning of TIG welding. In this approach, a tungsten electrode will heat the metal that you are welding and gas like Argon is used to protect the welding puddle from the airborne contaminants. TIG welding delivers clean and precise welds on any type of metal. Some of the characteristics of TIG welding include:

  • TIG welding utilizes a non-consumable tungsten
  • TIG welds more metal types than any other welding process,
  • TIG produces clean and high-quality welds
  • The shielding gas in the weld protects the tungsten and weld
  • When there is a need, the filler metal is added by hand

The Types of TIG Welding Services

There are so many forms of welding processes that welding experts can perform. However, most welders in Michigan focus on two types of TIG welding which include manual TIG welding and orbital TIG welding. When you carry out these types of welding processes properly, you will get superior results. Remember you need a superior welding quality between the two joints.

Orbital TIG welding is the process that is easily repeatable and allows for automation when it is necessary. The process is also clean and produces high-quality welding than all the other forms of welding processes.

On the other hand, manual TIG welding is a more precise solution. This allows for more refined and accurate weldments in case here orbital welding is not feasible like the hard-to-reach welds where the equipment does not fit and the open root passes.

Benefits of TIG Welding

TIG welding offers a precise solution for the welding of critical points and in cases where exceptionally precise or small welds are required.  You can perform it on a wide range of metals. When you carry it out properly, it will produce high purity and high-quality welds when you compare it with the other joining processes. This ability is crucial in so many applications. The cost of TIG welding is also quite affordable. However, the costs vary depending on the materials that you are welding and the scope of your project. Overall, it is among the most efficient methods of welding metals.

Challenges of TIG Welding

As we have been saying from the onset, you can perform TIG welding on almost all metals. However, there are some metals that are not weldable. Besides, you can only perform TIG welding on metals that are clean. When you weld a metal that is dirty, it will lead to a weak welding quality.

Even though TIG is renowned for the production of the best quality welding, the process comes with a low rate of deposition. The meaning of this is that you cannot TIG weld your products quickly. There is a predetermined pace at which TIG welding can take place. Besides, it takes a high level of dexterity and skill to perform TIG welding when you compare it with the other forms of welding. In TIG welding, you typically use both hands and one of your feet to perform the work. Therefore, you will only be standing on one leg. Most of the other types of welding do not need as much nimbleness.

The other potential challenge of TIG welding is that it can be hard to take two products apart from that you have welded together without destroying every component. Even though you can do this, and most professional welders do it, it can result in undesirable results. Therefore, after welding together two metals, you should not re-use them for another application.

The cost of the materials and equipment that are required for TIG welding is quite affordable. However, you have to leave this process in the hands of experienced and skilled technicians. This may end up resulting in higher labor costs. Certain TIG equipment may also need specific applications. Also, if you don’t perform this process properly, contaminations, inclusions, and unbalanced heating will course the products to become defective or warped, leading in wastage of materials, an overall increase in the cost.

When to Choose TIG Welding

One of the most important projects management elements is to understand the challenges of using TIG welding for your project. The TIG welding services that we offer are performed by skilled, experienced, and certified welding technicians. The company offers a broad range of alternative solutions to meet the specific needs of your project. These professionals will also help you in determining the processes that are most efficient in achieving the specification of your project.

Why Try TIG Welding

You can use TIG welding on a broad range of materials like gold, bronze, brass, copper, magnesium, nickel alloys, aluminum, chromoly, stainless steel and even steel. TIG is a useful welding procedure for welding fenders, door handle, lawn mowers, bike frames, and wagons among others.

TIG will also help you to create clean and high-quality welds. With a superior arc and the weld puddle control, TIG allows for the creating of clean welds when the appearance of the product counts. The heat that is input is often controlled as you press in the foot pedal like what you do in driving a car. TIG allows welders to cool down and heat up the weld puddle hence delivering a precise welding bead control. It makes TIG welding to be appropriate for cosmetic weldings like automotive welds and sculptures.

The other thing is that there are no sparks or spatter in TIG welding. The welder only adds the necessary filler amount to the welding puddle and hence it will not produce any sparks or spatter if you are welding a clean metal. The other thing is that there is no slug or flux. Argon gas protects the welding puddle from any form of contamination. No flux is used or required in TIG welding and there isn’t a slug to block your view of the welding puddle. Besides, the finished weld will not have any slag that you need to remove between the welding passes.

There are no fumes or smoke in this welding unless the base metal that you are welding has various contaminants like zinc, lead, paint, grease, and oil. Therefore, you have to clean the base metal before welding. You can utilize a single shielding gas i.e. Argon on all the applications. You can use Argon in welding all metals and thickness and hence you will only need one type of gas to handle all your welding projects. You can also use it to weld all positions like overhead, vertical, horizontal, or flat. It is a perfect solution for inside confined areas and rolls cages. As we said, the best company for this type of work is Contract Manufacturing Specialists of Michigan.

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